Beispiel 147 - Multiple Choice

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Der Kopfhörer und der rote senkrechte Strich wurden in der Zeichenerklärung als |Hören...| definiert.

+++2 |Hören 06| Listening comprehension: multiple-choice

You are going to listen to a radio programme about stepfamilies. While listening, choose the correct ending (A, B, C or D) for questions 1-4. Put a cross (x) in the correct box. The first one (0) has been done for you.

0 A stepfamily ...

[] A: is a family in a fairy tale.

[[x]] B: includes at least one child from another relationship.

[] C: is a family with a lot of problems.

[] D: usually includes more than one child.


1 Stepfamilies are now sometimes called 'blended families' because ...

[] A: it doesn't sound as negative.

[] B: there are too many stepfamilies in soap operas.

[] C: people don't know what a stepfamily is.

[] D: that was the name of a popular TV series.


2 In real life, stepfamilies are ...

[] A: even worse than in soap operas.

[] B: more common than 'traditional' families.

[] C: the most common type of family in the UK.

[] D: not uncommon.


3 For a stepfamily to be successful, parents should ...

[] A: avoid saying bad things about their ex-partner.

[] B: ask their children what their ex-partner is doing.

[] C: force their children to see their ex-partner.

[] D: spend more time with their ex-partner.


4 Stepchildren ...

[] A: usually don't like their step-parent.

[] B: may feel bad because they like their step-parent.

[] C: shouldn't spend too much time with their birth parent.

[] D: may feel bad because they don't like their step-parent.