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In diesem Beispiel wurde die rot-gepunktete Linie links der Übung in der Zeichenerklärung als RP definiert.

PP wurde in der Zeichenerklärung als Verweis auf weiterführende Übungen im Practice Pack definiert.

Der Ausfüllkasten am Ende des Beispiels wurde wegen fehlenden Mehrwerts weggelassen, da der Schüler von Eingabemarke zu Eingabemarke hüpfen kann.

+++16 a) |RP| |PP p.16| Read the article about the importance of video games for American culture. Some parts are missing. Choose the correct part (A-J) for each gap (1-7). There are two extra parts that you should not use. Write your answers in the boxes provided. The first one (0) has been done for you.


_3 |gamer demographics|: Spielerdaten wie Alter oder Geschlecht

_4 Anspielung auf beliebte Handy-Spiele

_5 |NBA|: (abbr. for) |National Basketball Association|: Basketball Profiliga der USA\||


A: watched the League of Legends World Championship

B: sitting in front of his computer

C: own a game-playing device

D: is an increasingly social activity

E: didn't play any video games

F: are a significant part of American culture

###G: is not who plays

H: help them connect with friends and family

I: come from a new report

J: riding the train, running errands or watching their favourite TV show


|Video games' place in American culture|

Video games are one of the largest entertainment industries in America. The question (0) [[G]], but what games, on what device and with whom. In fact, nearly half of the US population - 155 million people - play video games, and four out of five households (1) []. Overall, video games are a 22.4-billion-dollar industry.

These statistics (2) [] from the Entertainment Software Association, the '2015 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry', which examines gamer demographics_3, the types of games played and the top-selling video games, among other industry sales information.

Here are a few more reasons why video games (3) []:

|Gamers play everywhere.| Players crush candy, connect dots and clash clans_4 while (4) []: 35 percent of Americans play on their smartphones and three out of 10 play on their tablets or other wireless devices.

|Watching people play video games is immensely popular - and big business.| Last year, more people (27 million) (5) [], an eSports competition, than the deciding game of the NBA_5 Finals (18 million).



||Language box |PP p.15|

Find examples of how the text compares facts and figures:

... more than ...

... as many as ...

... the most ...

|For information on Comparisons, go to Grammar revisited, p. 168|.\||